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Tiffin/Meal Prep Subscription and Delivery
Management Software

Rekart has been tailored for online milk subscription management for milk brands, dairy business and doorstep milk delivery businesses of all sizes.
With the complete milk subscription management solution, manage customer subscriptions, monthly milk billing and milk delivery operations.

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Manage subscriptions for

Lunch and Dinner delivery slots .

With separate cut-off time for Lunch and Dinner, it is easy to manage subscriptions, Kitchen operations and delivery

  • Daily & Alternate day subscriptions
  • Weekly & custom quantity subscriptions
  • Pause delivery for vacations
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Kitchen Operations.

Get the total requirement of all Menu items across various subscription and portion sizes.

  • Aggregation common inputs across subscriptions
  • Bulk Kitchen Order Tickets(KOTs)
  • Total orders for any particular day and slot (Lunch or Dinner)
food tiffin delivery service
Sell plans and

not just subscriptions.

Instead of selling an indefinite subscription with no minimum commitment, sell monthly or weekly meal subscriptions

  • 30 deliveries
  • 60 deliveries
  • 90 deliveries
food subscription platform
Automated notifications and reminders

to ease your life.

Various customizable reminders enhances customer experience and reduces errors.

  • Plan resume reminder to customers at the end of vacation or pause
  • Plan renewal and payment reminders
  • Delivery confirmation notifications
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Sell plans and

Billing and Accounting.

With Rekart, you don’t need a separate billing or accounting software for meal subscription business. Rekart automatically.

  • Generates monthly bills
  • Keeps track payment dues
  • New subscriptions and other one-time orders
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